Shipping and Delivery


We Ship Via Air and Sea with Warranty 

As an international import Exporter, We provide logistics services for you goods. We can organize complex cargo forwarding services in ports. Offerings include cargo delivery to the port, delivery of goods from ports by road, delivery of goods from ports by rail, transshipment of containers in ports, ensuring compliance with transshipment conditions, storage and transportation, and intra-port forwarding through our Certified  partners who specialize in analyzing customer needs and cargo characteristics to create optimal solutions for storage and transportation. 



It’s no surprise that there is no single, convenient size for packages. Along the same line of logic, there is also no single, convenient method of shipping packages of varying sizes.Of course, when discussing size in shipping, issues most frequently arise when we discuss shipping larger goodsFor carriers, space is the ultimate commodity, and the more space taken up by a single package, the less space available for multiple smaller packages.

Shipping packages doesn’t always mean using a courier service. Depending on the weight and dimensions of what you are shipping, it may simply be easier and more cost-effective to ship your package on a pallet. In fact, shipping a single pallet will typically fall into the classification of less-than-truckload, or LTL Freight shipping, and could potentially be the most cost-effective option for moving your goods.

Further, utilizing an LTL service rather than a courier service may even be a safer option for your goods, depending on the nature of what you are shipping. That said, it is important to be well-versed on the type of shipping and Delivery you prefer  prior to booking any kind of freight shipment.

Please click on the “check the price list” button for shipping pricing for your state. These are the current cost for shipment of a pallet one way. If there is a core involved remember to double to cost of shipping. As there will be two shipments, one for delivery and one for the core return.

Local Delivery

We provide a free local delivery service 


All shipments are shipped through third party carriers. We ship through UPS Freight and FEDEX Freight. Tracking numbers are provided for all shipments and we will be able to provide precise tracking information for all orders. 


Shipment Time

The estimated shipping times are in business days only (Monday through Saturday) and cannot be delivered during the sunday or holidays. Please remember these shipping times are estimates given to us by the freight companies. They are estimates and can sometimes take a little extra time depending on weather and road conditions.

The freight company will normally deliver during business hours 9:00am to 5:00pm. All orders placed before 5:00pm pacific time will ship out the same day as long as the item is in stock.

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